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As an Artist/Blacksmith I take on the challenges of iron and specialty metals as my medium to express myself to the best of my ability. This expression proceeds delicately through education, training, design and skill to produce something beautiful from a material that by nature is brutal. My goal is to work in a state of continuous progress by learning and applying each and every new technique required by the project at hand. I enjoy solving new design problems using traditional materials, e.g. converting wood design to a wrought iron creation of functional art or furniture. I aspire to achieve the greatness of my teachers and their predecessors to achieve a higher understanding of metal, blacksmithing and creative applications. Every new challenge, be it custom interior and exterior railings, furniture, functional art or sculpture is welcomed. My work comes from a process of both in the studio/work area and outside. An exciting element of my work come from starting with the visualization of the final piece, from start to its intended placement. Materials used in blacksmithing, even stainless steel, are relatively forgiving when forged and each may have different applications depending on the amount of heat and pressure applied on the anvil. My recommendations of materials depend on the rigidity, balance, shape or form, and the application. The techniques used depend on the overall theme of an assignment which I, in turn, communicate in metal to create the overall desired appearance of a piece. Thus, my work is a convergence of traditional techniques applied to modern design trends. Through this process my pieces become a conglomerate of modern design needs in shape and form, though show detailed traditional blacksmithing technique. Though this is only one direction of my work I adapt and use modern techniques and design to make myself the most experienced and well-rounded Artist/Blacksmith I can be.

- Sherman Blankenship


Iron Touch Forge, LLC.

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Sherman Blankenship

Artist - Blacksmith

3934-B Bardstown Rd.

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About Iron Touch Forge, LLC

Owner and Artist/Blacksmith:    Sherman Blankenship

Graduated Murray State University in 2000.

B.A. in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Metal Sculpture.

3.5 year Apprenticeship under a Master in Ornamental Blacksmithing. 1998-2001.

Iron Touch Forge has been providing excellence in Blacksmithing and Hand Crafted Forgings since 2001.